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Updated:  10 June 2019

News and Events - 2019



We held the AGM for the WEA Holbrook Branch on 6th March 2018 and decided to continue with WEA activities in Holbrook through becoming a Student Group. This is a more informal arrangement than a Branch, run by a team of volunteers with the administration of the Group being organised centrally and by the local WEA Office in Derby.


We currently have 8 Student Group Volunteers - athough it would be good to have more Holbrook residents to maintain a local focus.  Please contact the Group via if you are interested in helping and providing ideas for new courses - you can commit as much or little time as you wish.  We are keen to put on events and courses that appeal to a variety of adult age groups.





















List of Events and Courses for 2019



1.  From Rufus to Richard: The Murdered Monarchs of England - a lecture by Mark Barnard


When and Where:  Tuesday 2 July 2019 10am -12 noon at Holbrook Moor Methodist Church.


In 1100, the universally loathed son of William the Conqueror, William Rufus, was killed by an arrow whilst hunting. Along with the Princes in the Tower, this talk discusses the controversies surrounding the deaths of three other English monarchs and asks why their murderers have never been brought to book.


Fee - £7.70 (refreshments will be provided)


Course Ref:  C2340888


Enrol online at or phone 0300 303 3464.  Enrolment is currently taking place.






2.  Comedy in Film - a series of 5 Illustrated Talks (including film clips) with David Leicester


When and Where:  from Tuesday 5 November 2019 for 5 sessions 10am -12 noon at Holbrook Moor Methodist Church.


The course will look at the various forms of comedy shown in various films. These will focus on: 1. Physical comedy (from silent slapstick, through to Jacques Tati and on to more contemporary examples) 2. Social satire - how comedy has been used to lampoon certain social types or to show up contemporary issues in a different and often irreverent light 3. The Hollywood 'screwball' comedies of the 1930s/40s, what they said about the aspirations of the time and how they have influenced contemporary romcoms 4. Sex comedies, from exploitation through to new ways of looking at sexual relationships in both heterosexual and gay communities 5. The absurd and beyond - how 'unreality' is shown in such works and how they reflect on contemporary society


Fee -  £40 (refreshments will be provided)


Course Ref: C2341708


Enrol online at or phone 0300 303 3464.  Enrolment is currently taking place.





For further general information on any of the above, please contact:

Support Services T. 0300 303 3463 E.


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