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Details of our next walk



I recently sent out an e-mail with this information and intended to print the same information in the Holbrook Magazine which is now not being issued this month. However things have changed fast and in light of the Government’s latest advice I have to cancel the plans for the walk on Saturday 4th April; please regard this as a postponement as I hope to reinstate the walk when we are free of the dreaded virus.


My e-mail circulation for the Holbrook Walk has now reached 80 plus, some whom have not been on a walk for several years; over the next few weeks I plan to update the circulation list, please advise if you no longer wish to be on the list.


In the meantime for your allowed exercise, I can recommend the Daffodil Walk as below.





Daffodils at Horsley Castle


Possibly of additional interest, we have today (14 March 2020) walked to Horsley Castle, the wild daffodils are magnificent, quite the best we have ever seen them, they also appear to have spread to a wider area. We would recommend a walk to the Castle site during the next week or so.


To reach the daffodils, go down Portway from Holbrook to Coxbench, left across the traffic lights on the B6179, under the bridge and turn immediately right. ( You can park on this road if you wish to drive down). At the end of this short road, turn left on the footpath beside the kennels into the field; after about 100m turn right through a gate into the woods. Straight ahead alongside the fence and bear half left up a path where you complete a circular walk around the castle ruins amongst the daffodils. Hope you enjoy it!


Richard and Penny


Updated:  9 September 2020