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Parish Traffic Issues


The safety of motorists and pedestrians is a continuing cause for concern within the Parish.  This is often exacerbated by traffic cutting through Holbrook from the A6 to join the A38 at the Coxbench junction.  However, some Parishioners also speed along too fast for the conditions / speed limits in force and place themselves and others in danger. 


Examples of high risk areas include:


  • The narrow section of road, without a pavement, on Mellors Lane by the recreation ground
  • The narrow section of road, without a pavement, at the top of Portway by St Michael’s Church
  • The junction of Chapel Street and Moorside Lane
  • Moorside Lane in the vicinity of the school


Other areas have problems with speeding.  Fortunately, only relatively minor speed related accidents have so far occurred.  These areas include:


  • Makeney Road and Belper Road
  • The whole of Portway


Then there is the seemingly intractable problem of car parking on several key routes through Holbrook Village.  Such ‘obstructions’ can serve to slow traffic down.  However, on the corner of Chapel Street and Moorside Road, for example, there is a need to discourage obstructive car parking as it places pedestrians in danger from buses and lorries forced to cut the corner by the shop.


The Parish Council has looked at trying to improve traffic matters over the years and continues to do so.  Investigations and studies have been produced, in some cases, to try and persuade Derbyshire County Council to implement improvements.  A selection of these includes:


  • The 2008/2009 Traffic Action Plan.  (Download the Terms of Reference, Meeting Minutes and the Presentation Report)
  • The 2013 Traffic Action Plan.  (Download the Report)
  • Neighbourhood speed checks within the Parish carried out with local assistance of local Police (2014 – 2015)
  • Review of Unipart Dorman speed indicator signs – March 2015 (Download the Report)
  • Review of Morelock speed indicator signs – February 2016 (Download the Report)


The most comprehensive review was the 2008/2009 Traffic Action Plan.  A subcommittee was set up comprising members of the general public as well as Parish Councillors.  A report was prepared for presentation to the expert representative of Derbyshire County Council.  Sadly, that individual left prior to the final presentation and the position was not refilled.  The main comment from Derbyshire County Council was there would be no money anyway to carry out the recommendations.  The report contains some radical ideas that might be supported by some and not others.  However, it provides a good summary of the key issues.


The Neighbourhood speed checks were successful in so far as they were able to advise a lot of ‘forgetful’ motorists by how much they had been found exceeding the speed limit.  Essentially, this was an education programme and not one handing out any penalties.  As a result of a hiatus in Police support to these exercises, they have currently been put on hold.


The Parish Council continues to look at the value of installing speed check signs.   The cost would need to be met from the Parish Precept.  However, as these devices are removable, only one would need to be purchased as it could be moved around key locations and fitted to fixed posts. 

updated 18 April 2016