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updated 11th October 2021


 An Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting is being held on Wed. 13th October to discuss a planning application relating to Peak Manor/Mohan House.  Please see notice boards around the parish for details - outside the Village Hall, the Spotted Cow, Gorsey Piece, St. Michael's Church, the Village Store, Killis Lane, Coxbench bus shelter.





The Parish Council are delighted to announce that the installation of the new equipment is finally complete and the accessible entry gate will be installed very shortly.  So, everyone will be able to come in and enjoy themselves on all the equipment!   UPDATE...a couple of surfacing issues are in the process of being sorted...we hope to be fully operational very soon and apologise for any disappointment experienced by not having all the equipment accessible.




Come along to a FREE showing of Dark Horse: the incredible true story of Dream Alliance – to be shown on Sunday 21st November at 7.30pm at the Arkwright Village Hall.


Bring your own refreshments and enjoy this feel-good-factor blockbuster!







a FREE session at the Arkwright Village Hall that could save a life!

On Wednesday 20th October 2021 at 6.00pm – 8.00pm


EVERYONE welcome (including youngsters over 7yrs!)




Please contact the Clerk: clerk@holbrookderbyshire.co.uk or

Tel: 07307858622


* CPR - CardioPulmonary Resuscitation – a life-saving technique anyone can quickly learn!




GORSEY PIECE – work party achievements!


The picnic table and the bench have both been re-sited to provide a more open and safer situation for visitors to the Nature Reserve; safety matting is in place to reduce the chances of a muddy area under the table; nettles, hogweed and brambles have all been cut back; the bench has been moved to give a better view overlooking the valley and new safety railings in front of the bench will prevent toppling into a dip.


Many thanks to Dan Bradshaw, Cllr Paul Roberts and Cllr Simon Bullas (not forgetting the Parish Warden Jonathan Mitchell) for all their hard work












Siobhan Burton, Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Parish Flower Beds


Thanks to Steve Varney of

Holbrook Travel

for his continuing sponsorship of the Pond Road Flower Bed


Thanks to David Skelton and

Holbrook Garden Group

for their continuing support and maintenance of the Chapel Street Flower Bed


Thanks to the members of

Holbrook Green Team

for their support and maintenance of the Makeney Road Flower Bed


Thanks to Kathleen, Dean and Jonathan

Residents at the Top of Portway

for their planting and maintenance of the flower bed by the War Memorial






Please contact the

Parish Clerk

if you would like to sponsor or help maintain a flower bed

Pond Road Flower Bed with Sponsor Steve Varney

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