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Neighbourhood Watch Notes for May - June 2018
























Updated 22 June 2018

Contact Details:


Tel. 101 - for: Non-Emergency queries, or to report an incident.


Tel.  999 - for:

Urgent or Emergency requirements.


Tel.  0800 555 111 - for:

Crime-Stoppers to anonymously report an incident.

Local Contact:  John R. Meggitt

Crime Prevention Advice for Garden Sheds


  • Make sure there are no tools left in the garden that could be used to attack the shed.
  • Lock all windows.
  • Cover up the window so people can’t see what is in the shed.
  • Fit coach bolts or non-return screws (use to replace all screws on the hinges and locks).
  • Use a hasp and staple to secure shed.
  • Fit a padlock (certified to BS EN 12320 minimum Grade 3)
  • Please ensure that your property is positively identified – by the use of, say, an UltraViolet (U/V) Pen.

If you need Crime Prevention advice, contact our local Police Officer – refer to details below.

Local Police Officer / Safer Neighbourhood Team Contacts:


  • Contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team by email:



Please Note:  Twitter address  @KilburnSNT is temporarily suspended. We are currently served by Belper SNT.  Don't report crime via Twitter. Call 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency.


  • If ‘all else fails’, you could contact your N/Watch Rep – John R. Meggitt - Tel: 01332 883193



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Crime & Incidents in Holbrook (part of the Kilburn SNT)
Please Note!


Should you observe anything suspicious, at any time, please inform the Police immediately.

It is very much more helpful if you are able to supply them with information about – location, height, clothes worn, skin colour, and if a vehicle is involved (type, make, colour and registration number too).  This ensures that they are kept fully informed.

The contact details are shown above – with additional contact details given below.

Police Surgery:

The Mobile Police Surgery will be sited on Makeney Road by the junction to

Moorfield Road

  - between 2:25 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on the following Fridays: –

1st June; 15th June; 27th July; 10th Aug; 21st Sep; 5th Oct; 16th Nov; 30th Nov.


Complete list of Police Surgery dates for 2018 can be downloaded here.


Seemingly – all is relatively quiet hereabouts in Holbrook.

  • St Michael’s Churchyard Wall collapse – an update appeared in the May issue of the Parish Newsletter. It stated that the Derbyshire County Council has accepted that it is going carry out the repairs. Timescales have yet to be announced. In the meantime the existing ‘give way’ system appears to be working – with no suggestion of temporary traffic lights being installed.
  • Note from the Parish Clerk – we have been trying to get information from DCC about the planning application for improved traffic management at the Autistic School. All I was told was that the application had been approved in October. We are going to have another chat with the Head Teacher and I’m also trying to get more information from DCC about the status. 
  • Beware – of advertising items for sale on Facebook (or Twitter), and informing enquirers of your address. Be very cautious – as two, local, thefts have been reported. Callers have ‘snatched’ the item – without paying!
  • Recent Police Force reorganisation – the arrangements are that the man i/c is:- Sgt Mark Weldon. He has a number of Police Officers reporting to him who are based in Belper.  Please remember to dial 101 to report an incident.  Otherwise only dial 999 in case of an Emergency.
  • The Mobile Police Surgery will be sited on Makeney Road at the junction with Moorfield Road – depending on the amount of parked vehicles thereabouts – between 2.25 and 3.00 p.m. on the following Fridays 1st June; 15th June; 27th July; 10th August; 21st September; 5th October; 16th November; 30th November - all 2018 dates can be downloaded here.


    Footnote:-  Are you aware that The Parish Council is planning to install a Defibrillator in the Town Street Phone Box? To support this project donations are sought. They can be made via this dedicated website. For more information please contact Hannah Owen, the Parish Clerk.


    These notes have been drawn-up with the assistance of PC’s Jeannette Gardener & Wendy Wright, plus others to whom I am indebted.


    John R. Meggitt – – Tel: 01332 883193


Police Surgery Dates Holbrook Derbyshire

Please Note:  My computer malfunctioned during the latter half of May.  It was serviced and running again on 4th June.  One snag – all e-mail addresses were lost. If you are a resident of Holbrook (Derbyshire) – and wish to receive the N-Watch “Alert Notes” then  please contact me via:- .  Then this will meet the current requirements of GDPR too.    John R. Meggitt