Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch Notes for November - December 2017



1.  PCSO Claire Brown has confirmed that, of late, things have been very quiet. She asked that you be reminded to ensure you lock your out-buildings, and sheds. This is particularly so, having changed the clocks back and with the evenings getting dark earlier.


2.  Police Surgeries  They are trying to source locations for surgeries. Some of the delay is brought about due to ‘our’ ‘mobile office’ being stationed in one of the town centres. Once the locations are confirmed then dates and times can be announced.


3.  Gorsey Piece  The Parish Council Clerk mentions that the PC are concerned that there has been some suspicious activity thereabouts. Please ‘watch-out’.


4.  White Van was recently been seen in the area. It had “Pharmatec Ltd” on its sides, and across the rear doors. It’s understood that it might have been recently involved in a theft of garden equipment in the Marehay area and was ‘caught’ on CCTV.  Should you sight such a van please make a note of the vehicles registration number – and advise.


5.  Kilburn SNT   PCSO Claire Brown advises that some more changes have taken place.  P.C. Jeanette Gardner has moved to another post. She has been replaced by P.C. Richard (Rich) Martin (2907).  (Some months ago I did, briefly meet P.C. Martin – but have not yet, to my knowledge, met PCSO Brown).



Please note:


1)  If you require to report an incident – then telephone 101

2)  For more serious incidents/crimes – telephone 999

3)  If you wish to receive the periodic N-Watch notes, please contact me.


John R. Meggitt

Tel: 01332 883193 – e-mail:


Updated 17 November 2017

Contact Details:


Tel. 101 - for: Non-Emergency queries, or to report an incident.


Tel.  999 - for:

Urgent or Emergency requirements.


Tel.  0800 555 111 - for:

Crime-Stoppers to anonymously report an incident.

Local Contact:  John R. Meggitt

Crime Prevention Advice for Garden Sheds


  • Make sure there are no tools left in the garden that could be used to attack the shed.
  • Lock all windows.
  • Cover up the window so people can’t see what is in the shed.
  • Fit coach bolts or non-return screws (use to replace all screws on the hinges and locks).
  • Use a hasp and staple to secure shed.
  • Fit a padlock (certified to BS EN 12320 minimum Grade 3)
  • Please ensure that your property is positively identified – by the use of, say, an UltraViolet (U/V) Pen.

If you need Crime Prevention advice, contact our local Police Officer – refer to details below.

Local Police Officer / Safer Neighbourhood Team Contacts:


  • Contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team by email:


Please Note:  Twitter address  @KilburnSNT is temporarily suspended. We are currently served by Belper SNT.  Don't report crime via Twitter. Call 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency.


  • If ‘all else fails’, you could contact your N/Watch Rep – John R. Meggitt - Tel: 01332 883193



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Crime & Incidents in Holbrook (part of the Kilburn SNT)
Please Note!


Should you observe anything suspicious, at any time, please inform the Police immediately.

It is very much more helpful if you are able to supply them with information about – location, height, clothes worn, skin colour, and if a vehicle is involved (type, make, colour and registration number too).

This ensures that they are kept fully informed.

The contact details are shown above – with additional contact details given below.

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