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Initial Point of Contact:  Kath Gruber  01332 781720

Updated:  23 December 2016

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News (23 December 2016):  We are holding an introductory meeting on Wednesday 4th January 2017 at 6:30pm in the Arkwright Village Hall and it would be great if as many people as possible could attend. It is a significant opportunity to help shape the future of Holbrook Parish and it is important as many people as possible are involved.
News (4 November 2016):  Following the period of consultation, the application to designate the Parish of Holbrook has been accepted by Amber Valley Borough Council.


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


The short answer – Shaping the future of where you live


The long answer - A Neighbourhood Plan is the framework for guiding the future development and growth of our designated neighbourhood area. This area doesn’t have to be restricted to the Parish.


What are the benefits of having a Neighbourhood Plan?


It is you as local residents that set out the vision for how we want the area we live in to develop over the next ten, fifteen, twenty years. You can help ensure it is developed in ways that meet local needs and make sense for local people.


It puts residents in control of shaping the development and growth of our area by choosing where we want new homes, shops and offices to be built. Once we have specified what we want we then have a say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided.


We can control the destiny of our Parish area and influence the planning policies used by Amber Valley Council in determining planning applications. Any decisions Amber Valley make have to be made in reference to our Neighbourhood Plan. This also gives us more control on how we spend funding as our area will benefit from 25% of development revenue.


Who is involved in the Neighbourhood Plan process?


The process flows like this:


  • Members of the community develop the plan.
  • The Parish Council will commission Rural Action Derbyshire to offer support and guidance in developing the plan.
  • Amber Valley support by providing information and data.
  • The Parish Council sign off the plan.
  • The wider Community comment on the plan.
  • Amber Valley approve the plan.


What needs to be done?


The first steps we need to take are:


  • Set up the Neighbourhood Advisory Forum.
  • Designate the proposed neighbourhood area.
  • Submit an application to Amber Valley for formal approval of the proposed designated neighbourhood area.

How can you get involved?


By volunteering to be part of the Neighbourhood Advisory Forum; working together with others and being empowered to lead the process of developing our Neighbourhood Plan.


Further details on what a Neighbourhood Plan is all about can be found on this link.



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Holbrook Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Over the last 18 months the Parish Council have been inviting interested parties to get involved with a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Holbrook. It has been decided that due to lack of involvement it is not a project we can continue with at this time.
July 2017