Updated:  27 January 2020

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Get your mobiles ready and take a photo of as many interesting trees, flowers, insects, etc you can find and email them to me.. don't forget to include where and when you found them.  I will do my best to identify them and log them in our data bank – soon we will create a picture of the biodiversity of Holbrook. Next year we will have an open day and show you what we have found and all the many projects we are preparing.      We have a large survey map of Holbrook where we will plot our projects:


  • Nest boxes for birds, insect hotels, and roosting boxes for bats.
  • Ponds, (we hope to encourage and assist in new ponds in more gardens).
  • Wild flower verges, and designated garden 'wild areas.'
  • Cameras to view wildlife in your garden. Observation meet-ups.
  • Participation and projects with schools /local groups (including pubs and farms!)
  • Ideas to improve recycling and environmental issues. Geology and soil sampling
  • Talks to learn and identify plants, birds, trees and insects in our village. A 'bring and show'.
  • Tree and hedge monitoring, transects around the village.
  • Flower, veg and plant swaps.


Come along to our group or email me with your ideas….. nature needs all the help she can get!…

If every village enriched and protected wildlife in their local environment like a patchwork of nature reserves across our landscape.. think what we could achieve across the whole country!...

The Green Team is a friendly group of Holbrook residents who meet up once a month at the Spotted Cow or The Dead Poets - (you will be sent dates and times etc once your join our email list), to discuss ways we can protect, enrich and survey the natural wildlife of our village. We are hoping to create a data bank of sightings and observations in Holbrook throughout the year.


Green Team Meeting - Thursday 23 January 7:00pm - Dead Poets, Holbrook

Green Team Quiz - Sunday 26 January 7:30pm - spotted cow, Holbrook