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Updated:  22 October 2019




Dear Holbrook residents... it's really interesting to read about what our wildlife is up to while we are busy with our daily lives. You would be amazed at what goes on in our local habitat!  Please email me your observations, funny incidents, mobile photos, quick notes - all are welcome! Even just a short text describing what, where and when you saw something that caught your eye!.. It's not just us humans that live in Holbrook….. our village is heaving with wildlife!  Your entries will go into our annual open day at the Hall.


                                                            We are trying to conduct an important survey of all species for our data base that will be included in a national record to help monitor the health and well being of wildlife in our country. Please fill in your details and I will send you a full survey to be part of this vital project.








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Lets look after our heritage and keep a caring eye on these trees, if you see any changes please email me.



                                                                    Would you like to adopt your favourite tree in Holbrook? Visit it regularly, take photos of the changing seasons, watch out for insects, birds, infestations?

Email me for your information pack!


Visit our new Facebook page here post your sightings, pictures and join in the conversation!

Watch this space for talks events and projects you might like to get involved in.














Thank you for viewing….


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Many bird boxes are currently being placed in trees around the village.  Find your favourite one and make a regular visit (all the boxes have numbers and names and are recorded)....Watch mum and dad frantically build their nest during this busy season...and let us know what you see!

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO.) in Holbrook:


TP033 - 1 Oak tree at 47 Belper Rd.

TP0240 - Trees at land off Moorside Lane.

TP0277 - Trees at Holbrook Vicarage,

TP0276 - Trees at Brook House.

TP0157 - Trees at Orchard House, 28 Bradshaw Drive.

TP0010 - Chestnut tree at Town St.

TP0143 - Trees at Holbrook Hall.

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