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The Nature Reserve is located on Belper Road at the northern end of the Parish. This piece of land was purchased by Holbrook Parish Council and the Nature Reserve created.  It covers around 1.7 acres (0.7 hectares).


Footpaths were cut through and dry stone walls around the site rebuilt with the help of members of the then Holbrook Parish Plan Group.  More recently, a new seat overlooking a panoramic view to the east and a picnic bench in the centre have been installed.  Reinforced grass mesh has been laid on the path from the entrance to the seat.  This will allow access for mobility scooters.  New gates have been installed for easy entry and exit of prams, buggies, as well as mobility scooters.


The largely native planting of trees, together with an undercover of gorse and brambles, helps to supply food and habitat for a wide range of butterflies, moths and birds, all of which have suffered such a dramatic national decline in recent years. 


As the trees grow to maturity, there will be a need to ‘thin’ more of them out to allow others to fully develop. In 2015 there were around 100 trees and 24 different species.  These included:  alder, ash, beech, birch, cherry, crab apple, crack willow, damson, downy willow, elder, elm, goat willow, grey willow, hawthorn, hazel, holly, horse chestnut, lime, maple, oak, rowan, scots pine, sumach and sweet chestnut.


Holbrook Parish Council would welcome your help with the maintenance and management of the Nature Reserve. If you are able to volunteer to join working parties, or provide expertise, please contact the Holbrook Parish Clerk, Siobhan Burton, by telephone on 07307 858622, or by email at clerk@holbrookderbyshire.co.uk.


The Parish Council would also like your help in building a picture of the plants, birds and animals that are seen on Gorsey Piece.  Please fill in the form below and submit it with any photographs you took.  If you can identify the 'sightings' please add that information as well.  Thank you.



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Snowdrops - Feb 2019
View from Seat - April 2021
Mobility Scooter Accessible Path to Seat - August 2019