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Fibre-Optic Broadband - Within the Parish of Holbrook

At the Council Meeting on Wednesday 28 October 2015, Kerry Bailey of Digital Derbyshire spoke about a £34m initiative which aims to bring High Speed Fibre Broadband to outlying places such as those within the Parish of Holbrook.  Essentially, these are locations where there is currently not a 'commercial' case for providing the infrastructure required.  Kerry described the work being undertaken by Digital Derbyshire, which is a partnership led by Derbyshire County Council and BT.  For home users, some of the benefits of fibre-optic broadband were stated as:
•       Simultaneous use by members within a household
•       Improved download and upload speeds
•       Watch HD/4K TV
•       Stream movies and TV (no buffering or ‘whirling’)
•       Do homework online
•       Stay in touch with family and friends (e.g. Skype)
•       Download and play games
From the postcode information Holbrook Parish Council had provided, the good news is that 95% of the Parish, some 1,449 premises, should be able to order fibre-optic broadband from an internet service provider of their choice as a result of this initiative.  Unfortunately, the Coxbench postcodes of DE21 5BA, 5BB and 5BE are unlikely to be able to do so in the near future.  Further investigation, involving our local MP, appears to indicate this is a technical issue resulting from the way these premises are currently supplied using a direct (Exchange Only) line from the Horsley Exchange.  This YouTube video explains the different systems that have to be accommodated.
Although Parishioners will need to subscribe to this new service, competition between internet service providers is currently intense and people are reporting very modest monthly increases to what they currently pay – although it may involve a little bargaining at the time of application!  To see what speed of service you might expect in your household, visit the BT Wholesale Checker website and enter your landline number.


For further information, see the www.digitalderbyshire.org.uk website.


There are 6 Fibre-Optic Cabinets in the Parish

•  Horsley 2

– opp 8 Church Street, Holbrook

•  Horsley 3

– 122 Derby Road, Denby

•  Horsley 14

– 1 Makeney Road, Holbrook

•  Belper 13

– 39 King Street, Belper

•  Belper 17

– 216 Sandbed Lane, Belper

•  Duffield 9

– Derby Road, Milford


Updated October 2015