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The Voice of Holbrook

Holbrook Parish Council

HPC Facebook Page
HPC Facebook Page

Road Works and Closures within the Local Area

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Holbrook Parish Council - Parish, District and County Councillors

Updated:  31 March 2018

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Holbrook Parish Council Chairman:  Richard Massey
Telephone No:  01332 880011
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Holbrook Parish Council Vice-Chairman:  Dr. Roger Kennedy
Telephone No:  07785 286918
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Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Glenys Briggs
Telephone No:  01773 823581
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Holbrook Parish and Amber Valley Councillor:  Norman Bull
Telephone No:  01773 825405
Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Malcolm Rhodes
Telephone No:  01332 880797
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Hannah Owen
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Clerk to Holbrook Parish Council:  Hannah Owen
Telephone No:  07738 076902
Amber Valley Councillor:  Trevor Ainsworth
Telephone No:  01332 780833
Amber Valley and Derbyshire County Councillor:  Kevin Buttery
Telephone No:  01332 781092
Member of Parliament:  Nigel Mills MP
Telephone No:  020 7219 7233 or 01773 744341
Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Paul Roberts
Telephone No:  01332 882600
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Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Jan Bradshaw
Telephone No:  01332 881430
Simon Bullas
Tracey Barker
Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Simon Bullas
Telephone No: 01332 881090
Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Tracey Barker
Telephone No:  07794 522473
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Simon Bullas
Holbrook Parish Councillor:  Ann Cruickshank
Telephone No:  07931 593801

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