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The Voice of Holbrook

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HPC Facebook Page

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For bookings for the Arkwright Village Hall, please contact Glenys Briggs on 01773 823581 or by e-mail

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Welcome to the Parish of Holbrook

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The Parish of Holbrook lies about 7 miles north of Derby and includes the part of Coxbench that lies west of the Bottle Brook. 


Holbrook is at the heart of the Parish.  It has many of the advantages of a traditional English village:  a vibrant and diverse community life with churches, pubs, sports clubs, village hall, schools, garage, shop and a Post Office.   


Gaslight Gallery, Town Street, Holbrook

December / January  Parish News


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Stoney Lane Towards Town Street, Holbrook

HPC Facebook Page

Old Station Buildings, Alfreton Road, Coxbench

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  • WI Planter

The Parish Council have been working with the WI to relocate the planter after DCC did not accept the Parish Council offer to insure the planter for  £10 million in public liability insurance.  We thank the WI for their help and time while we have discussed the options together. The relocation of the planter is a great shame but we are going to do our very best to ensure the new location at the Hall is the best possible alternative.


  • Parishioner Concerns

The Parish Council continues to ask Authorities to look into the issues in our Parish. Sometimes it is a numbers game. The more concerns raised about an issue, the higher priority the issue is given. In the 'blue' box below is a reminder on how to contact the County and District Councils.


  • Defibrillator

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Defibrillator Project. Thanks also to the recent fundraising from the Holbrook Guising Play. This means we can now order the defibrillator and get the phone box ready. Again, thanks to Chris Ottowell for his offer of help in the refurbishment of the phone box.


  • Gorsey Piece

Our latest project is to look at accessibility for Gorsey Piece. The Councillors have met at the site several times and we are looking at ways to make the area more accessible for all, whilst maintaining the nature reserve and the environment for the wildlife. We will continue to update.


  • Church Wall

We remain frustrated with the lack of progress with the issues. Now that winter is round the corner, we have continued to ask for a resolution as soon as possible. Please continue to raise your concerns to DCC, as this will highlight that the whole Parish are worried about the safety issue the fallen wall has created.


  • Autism School Traffic

The last correspondence we received informed us that a meeting had taken place by DCC Highways, they have looked into some issues and discussed these with the school. We will keep everyone updated when we know more.


  • Village Hall Update

The second phase of the Hall refurbishment is now underway. We are pleased with the progress so far. Of course we would like the project to be up and finished as quickly as possible, however it is important everything is done to the highest standard. The Building team are working hard to ensure that everything is done as quickly but safely and to the highest standard. We are all very excited to see the finished Hall in the New Year.


  • A38 Noise Problems

The Clerk has recently contacted Nigel Mills’ office, further to recent correspondence sent to Highways England, requesting sound reduction measures on the A38 at Coxbench. The response from Nigel Mills states that  resurfacing with low-noise tarmac will be taking place but providing noise barriers at Coxbench was a problem due to geographical issues. Nigel Mills has asked for an alternative solution and the matter is being looked at.

The Clerk is going to re-contact Nigel Mills asking for clarity and reasoning behind the comments that the geography of the land is a problem. The Clerk will reiterate the problem of the noise and the effect it has on the properties below the A38 bridge level at Coxbench.  The Clerk will state that the recent new noise barriers placed on the M1 at Sawley are the ideal solution. The clerk will also query why something is being done at Kilburn and not at Coxbench.

The Parish Council feels that the matter should be escalated and residents of Coxbench should visit Nigel Mills at his next surgery in Holbrook. The surgeries are not well publicised. The Clerk will ask Charlotte Cupit from Nigel Mills' office to provide dates of the surgery in advance so the Parish Council can list the dates on our website.

The Clerk is also sending this to Highways England. To-date, the only response Highways England has sent is information stating that the resurfacing will be beginning shortly and will include the area from Little Eaton to the exit to the A610.




  • Contacting the Parish Council

If you would like to contact the Parish Council please call Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or you can email her on:



On behalf of the Parish Council, Best Wishes for 2019.


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For DCC matters please contact Kevin Buttery or Call Derbyshire.
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For AVBC matters please contact Trevor Ainsworth

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Outline of Holbrook Parish with Footpaths

Meet your Police and Crime Commissioner

H A R D Y A L   D H I N D S A

PCC Dhindsa seeks views on policing, community safety and victim services in your local area as part of his #D383 tour of Derbyshire’s urban, suburban and rural communities.
This is your chance to engage with the Commissioner and an opportunity to influence local policing services.

Friday 11th January 2019
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