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For bookings for the Arkwright Village Hall, please contact Glenys Briggs on 01773 823581 or by e-mail
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Updated Oct 2017


Welcome to the Parish of Holbrook

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The Parish of Holbrook lies about 7 miles north of Derby and includes the part of Coxbench that lies west of the Bottle Brook. 


Holbrook is at the heart of the Parish.  It has many of the advantages of a traditional English village:  a vibrant and diverse community life with churches, pubs, sports clubs, village hall, schools, garage, shop and a Post Office.   


Gaslight Gallery, Town Street, Holbrook

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- updated 26 October 2017

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Stoney Lane Towards Town Street, Holbrook

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Old Station Buildings, Alfreton Road, Coxbench

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  • Village Hall Refurbishment Project

At the September Parish Council meeting, Cllr Massey spoke to give factual information only about the renovation project. They have met with the planners and at this time there are two issues which need to be addressed which are Windows and Tiles.


The Clerk is confirming that the Parish Council is able to pay the invoices for the project and claim back the VAT. The Clerk will report back after speaking to Helena Stubbs from Rural Action Derbyshire. The Council felt this was such an important issue to the benefit of the Parish that it should be pursued. Cllr Mrs Briggs reminded the Council of the comments of our solicitor when the Agreement between the Council and HAHVCC was signed that it was usual for Parish Councils to support their Village Hall financially to provide facilities for local groups.


  • Adopted Phone Box

The Clerk has contacted Jane Romney to discuss the project and has been sent some useful information. The Clerk has also received feedback from another Parish Council that has provided a defibrillator in a phone box.


Our next step is to contact Sophie Jardine from British Heart Foundation to find out more about the purchasing costs of a defibrillator.  Cllr Massey has suggested we could look to crowdfunding or a just giving page to help raise the required funds. It was also suggested the Parish Council should make a contribution towards the project.


  • Village Flag

The Parish Council recently ran a competition at the Holbrook Primary School to create a Parish Flag. The entries from the pupils are to be passed to a local artist and we look forward to seeing the results of her work.


  • Gorsey Piece

Concerns have been raised to the Police about activity in Gorsey Piece. If you see any suspicious activity in the area, please report the matter to 101.


  • Contacting the Parish Council

If you would like to contact the Parish Council please call Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or you can email her on: clerk@holbrookderbyshire.co.uk



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The 2018 Village Fete will be held on Saturday 14 July

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