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The Parish of Holbrook isn’t just Holbrook Village, so we are always keen to hear from all residents of Holbrook as well as those parts of Coxbench and Bargate within the Parish. If you wish to contact the Parish Council, see 'How to Contact Us'


The Parish Council continues to ask local authorities to look into the issues in our Parish. Sometimes it is a numbers game - the more concerns raised, the higher priority the issue is given.  You can contact your DCC or AVBC Councillors using the link below:


Contacting your DCC and AVBC Councillors

Updated 5 April 2021




Please note there is now a separate page for Parish Council News


Latest Parish Council Minutes (Draft);

Latest Parish Council Agenda


Next Parish Council Meeting:  Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 7:15pm


(Meeting will be held via Zoom - Contact Parish Clerk for details)



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  • 3 March 2021.  Derbyshire Home from Hospital Support Service.  Click Here

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Welcome to the Parish of Holbrook


The Parish of Holbrook lies about 7 miles north of Derby and includes the part of Coxbench that lies west of the Bottle Brook. 


Holbrook is at the heart of the Parish.  It has many of the advantages of a traditional English village:  a vibrant and diverse community life with churches, pubs, cafe, sports clubs, village hall, schools, garage, shop and a Post Office.   


Contact the Clerk if you wish your local group to have a web page and email address on this site.

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