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The Voice of Holbrook

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Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return for Year Ending 31 March 2018


For bookings for the Arkwright Village Hall, please contact Glenys Briggs on 01773 823581 or by e-mail

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Defibrillator Funding


Welcome to the Parish of Holbrook

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The Parish of Holbrook lies about 7 miles north of Derby and includes the part of Coxbench that lies west of the Bottle Brook. 


Holbrook is at the heart of the Parish.  It has many of the advantages of a traditional English village:  a vibrant and diverse community life with churches, pubs, sports clubs, village hall, schools, garage, shop and a Post Office.   


Gaslight Gallery, Town Street, Holbrook

July Parish News


Contact the Clerk if you wish your local group to have a web page and email address on this site.

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Stoney Lane Towards Town Street, Holbrook

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Old Station Buildings, Alfreton Road, Coxbench

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  • Notification of Viewing Accounts - Year Ending 31 Mar 2018

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  • Annual Footpath Walk

This year’s annual Footpath Walk will be taking place on Tuesday 17th July 2018. If you would like to join us please meet at the Hall at 7pm. The annual footpath walk allows us to monitor all the footpaths, report any issues to DCC and it ensures the footpaths remain open to the public. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 17th July.


  • Adopted Phone Box, Town Street. Defibrillator Project

We are continuing to raise funds and are very grateful for donations so far. A link to this can be found below and on our Facebook page. Any donation will be gratefully received. We were pleased with the kind donations and would like to hear from any businesses or residents who would be prepared to make a donation so we can purchase the defibrillator, so please help if you can.

To get involved please contact Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or email





  • Parking on Pavements

We have continued to receive a complaints and concerns about the number of cars parking on Pavements making it unsafe for pedestrians. We highlighted the issue in the last Village Magazine and since then we have been made aware of parking problems on grass verges which is causing damage to the grass. Please avoid parking on the Verges and on pavements. Please ensure pedestrian access at all times.


  • Parking by Village Shop

The bus company operating services through Holbrook has advised that parking on the corners by the Village Shop has led to the bus being unable to pass. This has also meant that stops are being missed from the route as the bus can’t get through. Please don’t park on the corner, there are white lines in place to show where the area must be kept clear. It is against the Highway Code to park on the junction. Please adhere to the Highway Code so the area remains safe.


  • Village Hall Project

A progress report will be displayed at the Village Fete. We are very pleased with the feedback to date. Phase 2 of the project will soon be underway and we are very excited to see the end result.


  • Dog Mess Bin

The Clerk has been liaising with AVBC about new bins for the Parish. Whilst AVBC have offered a free extra bin for Shaw Lane, they would charge an annual fee of £712.68p to empty the one bin. That is a large percentage of our budget and is not affordable. AVBC also advised the fee would increase annually. We had hoped to be able to negotiate a new bin, but this has not been possible.


  • Holbrook School for Autism

We are continuing to try and have confirmation of the plans for the redevelopment for the entry and exit at the autism school and the general traffic issues. When we have any information we will report on the matter.


  • Village Flag

Last year we ran a competition to design a village flag. The children in the Parish came up with so many good ideas it was impossible to choose just one. We have sent the flags to Julie Marshall who has kindly taken ideas from the flags and created a Holbrook Parish Flag. We are having a number of flags produced and we are sure you will like the final design. Thank you to all the children involved and well done for your creativity.


  • Holbrook Garden Group

A new web page has been produced for the Holbrook Garden Group.  View it here.


  • Environmental Issues in Holbrook



















Julie Marshall is hosting the first meeting on Thurs 12th July at 7pm at 1 Moorside Lane, Holbrook - The Green Team's Base Camp!  Visit the Group's web page here.


If you would be interested in taking part, contact Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk or Julie Marshall directly.




  • Contacting the Parish Council

If you would like to contact the Parish Council please call Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or you can email her on:





The Village Fete will be held on Saturday

14 July 2018

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