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HPC Facebook Page

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Welcome to the Parish of Holbrook

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The Parish of Holbrook lies about 7 miles north of Derby and includes the part of Coxbench that lies west of the Bottle Brook. 


Holbrook is at the heart of the Parish.  It has many of the advantages of a traditional English village:  a vibrant and diverse community life with churches, pubs, sports clubs, village hall, schools, garage, shop and a Post Office.   


Gaslight Gallery, Town Street, Holbrook

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Stoney Lane Towards Town Street, Holbrook

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Old Station Buildings, Alfreton Road, Coxbench

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  • Remembrance Sunday 2018

This year we see the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. A very poignant date. Many choose to attend services to commemorate the end of WW1 while others choose to mark the anniversary in their own way. The important thing is the Remembrance.

We would like to remind everyone of the Service that will be taking place in Holbrook at St Michael's Church. If you are able to attend it would make the centenary anniversary a very special occasion.

The following link provides information on the timetable for the morning, including details of the procession and service, also some safety points to consider.


We hope as many people as possible can attend the event on Sunday 11th November 2018.


  • WI Floral Tribute on Makeney Road

It has been a very distressing time for all the individuals who have worked so hard to create the floral tribute to mark the centenary of the Women’s Institute in Holbrook.

Derbyshire County Council Highways Department have requested the stone structure is removed as they see it as a hazard and a danger. This has been a very bitter pill to swallow, especially when we have the Church wall spread across Portway, the dangerous issues on Stoney Lane and the ever present problems from parking and traffic at the Autism Centre still unresolved.


The Parish Council made arrangements to insure the structure and be covered with public liability insurance for £10 million. DCC Highways said this was not an accepted solution and have expressed that the structure needs to be moved.

There will be discussions at the Women’s Institute about a suitable location moving forward. Then a discussion between the WI and members of Community Action Holbrook along with the Parish Council who will do all they can to help with the relocation of the tribute. We have begun asking for advice on how we could move the structure with little disruption to it.

We are not in agreement with DCC Highways about their reasoning behind the objection to the structure and we wish we could have come to an agreement to keep the display on Makeney Road. We hope to come to a resolution of the matter as soon as possible.


  • Adopted Phone Box, Town Street. Defibrillator Project

We are delighted with the donations we have received. Thank you to all the individuals who have contributed to the project. Our donations have now exceeded £1000 which means we are in touching distance of being able to complete the project. We currently have an application submitted to the Community Heartbeat Trust which, if successful, will mean we can purchase all the required equipment.


To get involved in this project please contact Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or email


  • Village Hall Project

The Hall refurbishment is about to enter phase 2 of the project. We are thrilled at how fantastic the Hall is looking. The new doors will be in place shortly and then work will begin internally.


  • Holbrook School for Autism

Kevin Buttery has responded to the Parish Council request to look into the on-going situation regarding parking and traffic at the Autism School. A site visit with the County Council Planners, the School, Kevin Buttery and representatives of the Parish Council is to be arranged in the near future. The Parish Council will continue to update the Village.


  • Sponsorship of Flower Beds for Local Businesses

At the July Parish Council a suggestion was made to offer sponsorship of flower beds around the Parish. This was discussed further at the August Parish Council meeting and the Council have decided to move the project forward. Final details are still being confirmed but the idea is that local businesses can offer an amount to sponsor a flower bed. The size of the flower bed would determine the size of the advertising plaque. The sponsorship fee would also be dependent on the size. If your business is interested in this, we would love to hear from you.


To get involved please contact Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or email


  • Notice of Conclusion of Audit

The document can be read here





  • Contacting the Parish Council

If you would like to contact the Parish Council please call Hannah Owen, Parish Clerk on 07738076902 or you can email her on:





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